Cellar Consulting

Ian Blackburn’s knowledge of fine wine is best in class and the service provided is nothing short of the finest available. Every day, Ian strives to provide his clients with the best possible wine experience by building relationships. If you are looking to buy fine wines, build a cellar from the ground up or assess the value of your current collection, Ian Blackburn is the best in the business, with the most experienced staff in place to help you achieve your goals.


  • Inventory Your Wine  
  • Organize or Move Your Wine
  • Cellar Tracker Your Wine (App-based Inventory) 
  • Wine Appraisal 
  • Insurance Appraisal and Claims
  • Bottle and case quantity purchases for everyday consumption
  • Wine as an investment
  • Helping you build, expand, or sell your wine collection
  • Purchasing futures, an industry we helped pioneer
  • In-person wine cellar assessments, drinkability and valuation of your wine collection
  • Party planning efforts including wine and food pairings, quantity of bottles needed based on number of guests, etc.

We’ll even help you select wines in advance from the wine list of a restaurant at which you will be dining. Just consider us your own personal sommelier.