Wine Camp - An Introduction to Wine™

“The GUCCI of wine classes” - LA TIMES. Acquire the skills you need to elevate your personal wine appreciation as we explore SIX-SEVEN wines with an expert instructor. History, anecdotes, and laughs all served in generous portions. For thousands of years, people have made and enjoyed wine. If it's been around so long, why is it so intimidating? We know how to demystify this ancient beverage… fun, fast, and factual. Whether you’re new to wine or would like to take your wine knowledge to the next level, everyone should take a Wine Camp.

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Improve Your Ability

You’ll learn how wine is made and improve your ability to describe the smell and taste of wine.

In Depth Discussion

Discuss food and wine pairing and increase your level of appreciation to gain a depth of enjoyment, learn how to teach your friends and family.

Service Tricks

Learn service tricks of the trade and be able to make confident wine purchases!

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Zoom: $65 per flight kit, $120 for 2 flight kits, $350 per bottle kit ($40 if you purchase wines locally).

Live In-Person: $74.95 per person or $120 for 2.


California: $15 to ship 

Out of State: $45 - Two day air
(where legal and applicable)