Wine Business 101

"Your classes helped me start my career!"

- Paige Carnwath Northern California, Wilson Daniels.

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    Wine Career Ideas

    From Importing, Distributing, Negotiating, Marketing, and Sales, to Wine Bars, Wine Retail, Wine Clubs, and Internet Wine Websites, if you're thinking of working in the wine industry, this is the class for you!

    Rethink your career with some fresh information and ideas. The wine industry is booming and you will need this information to grow and thrive. Expand or completely reinvent your career with state-of- the-art information and fresh, enlightened ideas. With a flourishing wine industry, the knowledge gained from Wine Business 101 will help you cultivate a strong foundation and awareness of all things wine.

    Dynamic Wine Industry

    Much like the rest of the world, the wine industry is rapidly changing due to the effects of globalization. Until the mid 19th century, the wine industry was a fragmented agricultural pursuit, primarily based on satisfying local needs. Now, this $20 billion-dollar industry has experienced mass consolidation and growth through technology and emerging markets around the world. This has both benefited the industry as well as created new concerns for the future of wine as we know it. Wine Business 101 will provide you with the proficiency to better understand, address, and maneuver these influential changes.