Sunday School has returned!

Wine Cloud Inc. (aka wineLA & Learn About Wine) is thrilled to finally announce in-person classes and tastings have returned! As a celebration of returning to live gatherings, Wine Cloud Inc. is introducing a series of unique programs!  

Sommelier Ian Blackburn, a 25-year veteran Wine Educator, Author, Winemaker - continues to innovate fun educational content that also makes for a great date! Ian has a fun and passionate approach that guides his students through the process of building knowledge and refining palates, all while keeping humor on high. Sign up for any one of a growing selection of classes and tastings that explore and engage the colorful world of wine.

SUNDAY SCHOOL (All Summer Long) 

May 22, 2022 
This 1st Program is ½ Price to Kick things Off! 

Jun 5, 2022
First LIVE version in 2+ Years - Over 100,000 students have attended

Jun 19, 2022
Will sell out quickly! 

The list of exciting in-person events at Wine Cloud Inc. does not end with Sunday School. Ian Blackburn regularly teams up with popular restaurant locations in Los Angeles as we use the entire city as our campus.  You might also join us for a relaxing night of live jazz music and an extensive wine tasting at Santa Monica’s Papille Gustative on May 15th or for a  night of Korean Barbeque and Wine - The Dinner at Ombu Grill that will soon be sold out!  

About Ian Blackburn

When you're raised in a military family, drinking wine may not be the first idea that comes to mind, but that is what happened! Ian discovered the wine industry at the ripe age of 21 and didn't consider it a career option, but working for top chefs in the formidable dining rooms of early 1990s Los Angeles blew doors open - leading Ian to a career in wine education.

Working with the world’s greatest wine brands for most of his adult-life; leading wine tours and culinary adventures around the world; Ian loves to share his story and his passion.  When Covid shut down wineLA’s event business, Ian pivoted full circle and restarted digitally and launched as a way to bring his version of wine education and entertainment to a limitless audience. With his family’s wine store, virtual wine tastings with wine delivered "at home" provide a pathway, and now we celebrate the return of live events!