Magnum Vintage Port Tasting | Wolfgang Puck's Cut: Saturday, February 24th at 12-Noon | $1,450 All-Inclusive
Magnum Vintage Port Tasting | Wolfgang Puck's Cut: Saturday, February 24th at 12-Noon | $1,450 All-Inclusive
Magnum Vintage Port Tasting | Wolfgang Puck's Cut: Saturday, February 24th at 12-Noon | $1,450 All-Inclusive
Magnum Vintage Port Tasting | Wolfgang Puck's Cut: Saturday, February 24th at 12-Noon | $1,450 All-Inclusive

Magnum Vintage Port Tasting | Wolfgang Puck's Cut: Saturday, February 24th at 12-Noon | $1,450 All-Inclusive

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Dress Code: Black tie optional 

Magnum Vintage Port Tasting | 52 to 132 years old

This once in a lifetime tasting will include all of the older vintages of magnums in my Port collection.  These magnums have not been moved for 40 years.  

The greatest Port vintages spanning from 1970 back to 1890 will be featured. 1970, 1963, 1960, 1955, 1948, 1947, 1945, 1935, 1927, 1911, 1896, and 1890.

Cockburn’s, Croft, Dow, Ferriera, Fonseca’s, Graham’s, Rebello Valente, Sandeman, Taylor’s and Warre.  Over 20 magnums in all.  

The Wolfgang Puck tasting luncheon begins promptly at noon with a Champagne reception and passed hors d’oeuvres.  The Ports will be opened with red hot Port tongs and served in five flights with a Champagne break.


Genesis of the Port Tasting

It all started in 1969 when Ardison Phillips opened the Studio Grill in Hollywood. His restaurant featured modern American cuisine and rapidly became one of insider places for foodies.   He had a true passion for wine and was one of the first to regularly present Winemaker Dinners.   As an early proponent for Vintage Port, he always offered an excellent selection by the glass in his restaurant.  This attracted a core group of Port lovers.  In 1985 he and I organized a black tie vertical tasting of TaylorVintage Port from 1980 back to 1908.  In 1987 we did a vertical of Graham’s from 1983 back to 1927.  In 1988 it was Fonseca’s from 1985 back to 1927  Some illustrious people attended which included; Andrew Quady, Roy Brady, Manny Klausner, Byron Peebles, Doug Richardson, Ron Lautherback, Fred Brander, Pat DeWane, Dave Williams, Harvery Steinman just to name a few  These tasting were enjoyed so much that a tradition was started for an annual black tie Port luncheon on the Saturday between Christmas and New Years.  This continued until Ardison closed the restaurant and went on to be a winemaker.

In October 1993, I organized a tasting o the 1945 vintage – 13 shippers at the original Spago in Hollywood where Wolfgang Puck crafted a great menu to go with the Ports.   Clive Coates MW was my guest of honor and commentator.

December 2007 I presented a retrospective tasting of the 1955 vintage – 15 shippers at the New Spago in Beverly Hills.  Ardison Philipps was the guest of honor.  Unfortunately he passed away in June 2011

The February 7, 2015 tasting featured the eight  top 1963s,’  Quinta do Noval ‘Nacional’ 1958, 1960, 1962, 1963 along with the famous bottling of 1931

This was held at Hotel Bel Air.  Wolfgany Puck continued his magical food pairings.  Christian Seely and Darrell Corti were the guest commentators.

February 26, 2017 at Hotel Bel Air highlighted the Great 7’s1997. 1977, 1947, ten 1927’s. 1867

November 17, 2018 at Spago  Five different bottlings of 1931 Quinta Do Noval plus 1945 – 2016

with Christian Seely.

February 3, 2019 at Hotel Bel Air  100 Years of Taylor Fladgate with Adrian Bridge  1890 – 2016

February 2. 2020 at Hotel Bel Air  Decades of Vintage Port 1824 to 2017 

Great commentaries by, Rupert Symington, Christian Seely, Adrian Bridge, Darrell Corti, Roy Hersh, Andrew Quady.

October 29 & 30, 2022  Chinoeis on Main & Hotel Be Alr,  Complete Quinta do Noval NACIONAL

With Christian Seely, James Suckling and Roy Hersh

February 2023  Vintage Port from 20 Magnums 1970 to 1890

This is how the black tie tradition began and continues.


Don Schliff’s Port Collection

These Ports have been meticulously sourced during the decades of the 70’s and 80’s from some of the greatest cellars in the United Kingdom.  Many are from Colleges and Universities as well as from Government Institutions including Military Academies.  Leading brokers in the rare wine trade have been extremely helpful including;  Peter Griffiths of Lawrence Hayward,  Tim Littler of Whitwham’s and Richard Torin from Clarets in Santa Barbara.

All of the old Ports are housed in a well secured subterranean cellar, constructed  of concrete and steel.  Temperature is maintained at 58 degrees and 65-70% humidity.  Redundant cooling systems provide temperature control as needed.

Old Ports are binned according to ullage levels, and have not been moved since the early 1980’s.

Where: Wolfgang Puck's Cut

9500 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

The sleek, flagship location of Michelin-recommended CUT by Wolfgang Puck in Beverly Hills delivers a contemporary twist on the classic steakhouse, where some of the most exquisite cuts of beef – and seafood – from around the world are expertly prepared in a lively, open kitchen. 



I discovered the wine industry while working with Chef’s Thomas Keller and Joachim Splichal in the top dining rooms of Los Angeles. My passion redirected my career from restaurants/hotels to vineyards and wine-education. Now with over 25-years of experience hosting events; leading trips around the wine world; I published a wine book; produced my own wine called Beekeeper Cellars and sat for the difficult Master of Wine Exam! Today, I am considered one of the region's best wine educators and work for my 20,000 followers (follow me), visiting vineyards and wine regions and produce over 100 wine classes and events a year for my businesses and my team. 

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