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Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate | Virtual

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Join WineLA for a special class bringing together three divine creations: Wine, Cheese and Chocolate! You will explore the sensual contrasts and delights that each element brings to the experience; the crisp acidity, mouth-filling robustness or smooth viscosity of great wine; the sharp, subtly sweet or complexity of fine cheese; and the rich luxuriousness of superior chocolate ranging from creamy milk to intensely dark.

Special features about each cheese (every class has a different set of seasonal cheeses) ✧ Unique wines in every program (no wine list is ever the same twice) ✧ Amazing chocolate from the best producers in the world!

Put something amazing in your mouth every couple minutes! Wines change every time. Cheeses are seasonal and sensational. Learn how to pair chocolate with a great wine.

Every class IS UNIQUE!
3 seasonal cheeses, 6 unique wines, and 3 incredible chocolates!

We use some of the best cheese & chocolate from around the world!
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*Please email any dietary restrictions or allergies to While we make every effort to accommodate dietary restrictions/ allergies, we do not guarantee availability to accommodate.